The Kimono Reigns

So a few things here...  One, I found the most amazing swing dress {ridiculously soft!} from Old Navy this past week as they were having a massive sale on, well, everything.  I felt guilty and kept telling Kellen I would take it back bbbuuuttt here I am, wearing it all day, everyday.  Sorry Kell.  Two, I had to throw in a blooper picture.  I don't think I've ever done that, but I want you to know I have SO MANY blooper pictures.  Three, I have this thing with having my left hand up by my face in attempt to show off my super cool ring from Rocksbox.  Too bad almost every picture is the same pose,  #bloggerfail ha.  Four, my amazing husband offered to take pictures in my new favorite location for daily hangs/walks with CK.  Raise the roof and let's talk about this view... Unreal.  And finally, five, only two days left {counting today} to get a free month's membership from Rocksbox with code juliecottrellxoxo!  I've talked about this great service before, but just in case you missed it - it's a monthly membership where you are sent a box of three pieces of jewelery - if you love it, you buy it, if you don't, you send it back and get a new box.  The best part is that you can trade your box in as many times as you want within the month {hopefully you're better at getting to the post office or catching the mailman than I am...}.  It's seriously genius.  I love having new bling to wear and spice up my everyday outfits {that kimono AGAIN!? ;)}.
{Dress Old Navy, Kimono Nordstom Rack, Sandals F21 {SO OLD!}, Necklace via Rocksbox, Ring via Rocksbox}

The past number of Sunday's, the topic at church has been revolving around how life is all about faith and not works and how easy it is to get caught up in works and trying to attempt earn God's love.  This is nothing new to my ears.  At Mars Hill in Seattle it was hit numerous times, same at Epicos in Milwaukee.  I feel like it's sunk in.  Maybe a little too much.  I think I've officially swung to the other side of the pendulum where I'm all "I'm good.  I have faith".  I seriously have slacked off and well, it's like zero works are happening.  I've been so anti-works for a few years and yesterday I was like, ok, maybe it's time that my faith actually comes through and motivates me to do works because of Who is in me.  This all can be so confusing in discussion, so all I'm going to say to try to explain this is that there is a mom in my small group who is just amazing.  She has two babes and is constantly helping other moms.  Throwing baby showers, watching my child and other people's children, helping to lead a small group.  She's a super mom.  Now that Clement is finally semi-easy and I'm almost back to normal, I sometimes feel guilty having beach day after beach day.  Not to mention I feel like I'm totally living for whatever the heck I feel like doing.  I get that raising a child and being a stay at home mom is a huge responsibility, but I want to be teaching him to serve others but our daily life.  To not just have this world revolve around ourselves and our whims, but to see where we can be helping out and getting involved.  So here's my new goal to offer to help other moms, or just people in general, really.  To not be so protective of my day and making sure I get in what I want to get in.  Maybe get up early and run before Clement wakes so that it's out of the way and doesn't interfere with mid morning or afternoon naps so I have time to focus on other people - especially my husband and simply getting chores done.  I guess I just want to live this mom life better.  To glorify God with it and serve others whenever I can.  To bear some fruit.  Or simply just make extra time to read or dig into the word.  Whatever each day brings, I want a little more out of it, I guess.

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  1. Just by writing this blog today, you are already well on your way to blessing others just by being so transparent and glorifying the Lord. Thanks for reminding me about serving others for Him.
    Also, LOVE the dress & necklace! Darling!


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