This Duo

 Can you even handle these two dudes right now!?  I, for one, cannot.  Way too cute.  For Father's Day we dressed Clement up exactly like Kellen and when Kell flipped his hat backwards, my heart went pitter patter.  He is totally his daddy.  Kellen has bee trying to find a pair of joggers that don't have a drop crotch and, at long last, I finally spotted a pair at J.Crew {on sale - plus 50% off!!!} and they fit PERFECTLY.  I just also happened to find CK a pair for his little wedding outfit the same day.  It's funny how I usually just end up dressing CK in things Kellen would wear {like, you know, those stripped rompers... bahaha}.  I just hope Clement grows up to be as amazing man as his daddy on the inside as well.  I couldn't be more thankful that he has Kellen to look up to and lead him through life.  He's one lucky, blessed little boy.
{Kellen:  Shirt J.Crew, Pants J.Crew, Sandals Quicksilver, Hat Hurley, Watch Timex
Clement: Shirt Target, Pants Cotton On, Hat Cotton On, Sandals J.C. Penny
Me:  Dress J.Crew, Earrings H&M, Sandals H&M}

The last time I wore this dress was about a year ago and there was a head-of-lettuce-sized Clement in my belly.  Let me tell you, it feels so much more roomier and comfier these days.  I'm so glad the pieces I bought while prego can still work in my wardrobe.  I've always been a sucker for oversized, roomier things so when it can work double duty, carrying a babe and not, that's a total win in my book.  {But yes, it does feel 20 times better on my body now, ha.}  It's also interesting to look back and see how much has changed on the blog and social media in a year.  Back then I was still cranking out posts, working to represent brands and sticking to a certain image or look on social media {aka Instagram}.  These days, it's as if I'm throwing my hands up a bit.  It's so much work and I just want Instagram to be fun.  Not so calculated and perfect, but just a little more of 'real life' I guess.  To not worry so much about how many likes, or who the likes are from, or what time I post at and how that affects likes {it's a crazy insta-world, I tell ya}.  After 3 years of all the calculation it's been a little hard to shake, but I feel the insta-chains falling and, by golly, it feels great to overgram my adorable chubs and palm trees for days.  I'm not really sure if that makes sense or not, but that's just what was on my mind as I was doing dishes today {yeah, no dishwasher in our new place...  Realized that as I was packing up my dishwasher tablets... #facepalm}.  The things you think about while doing dishes... ha.

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