Ace Hotel: Palm Springs

Here it is.  Our first family getaway vaca, just the three of us.  I have oogled over the Ace Hotel since I visited the Downtown LA edition last summer while pregnant and have been drawn to the Palm Springs location with dreams of a resort-like getaway with visions of Stumptown coffee delivered to my room when I wake.  Last week my dream came true.  Due to a rewards program through Kellen's work, we landed a night in Palm Springs and dubbed it our anniversary celebration with our little plus one tagging along.  It was everything I was hoping it would be.  I was mildly nervous we'd be intruding on the hipsters with our babe, but there were quite a few babies/children present.  And you wouldn't even believe how much Clement flirted and was 100% entertained the whole time.  It was great.  For some dumb reason I never even pulled out my real camera, but used my iPhone the whole time - still kicking myself over this.  However, the number of pictures I took is borderline obscene, but with everything being so instagram worthy, well, it had to be done.
This trip was exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it.  We haven't really taken a fun getaway trip since having Clement {or really since 32 weeks prego, ha} and although Kellen has been traveling for work a ton, this new, fun place was what we needed to break out of our daily routine and enjoy a slice of new life.  To be inspired and refreshed.  To just enjoy each other {and a pool, the sun, delicious coffee, unreal steel-cut oats - I kid you not, the best of my life - a giggling, chunky baby who loves the water and sweats profusely in 100 degree weather, and maybe a spicy sangria by said pool, that had me in heaven}.  At the pool we talked to people from all over the world - Clement really is a magnet to conversation, and apparenly his name is french {say Clement in french, it's very sexy} - and it really stirred that fire in Kell and me to get out and travel.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed visiting new cities and places.

 For dinner, as per recommended by a friend, we visited the The Saguaro and indulged in unreal nachos.  I think the thing I love most about Palm Springs is the bright colors.  Everywhere.  And the modern combined with vintage.  It's all obviously very trendy, but it's like another world {all the while feeling a lot like Phoenix}.  Something about all the bright colors just made me so happy.  And I'm heavily leaning toward a stay at The Saguaro next time.  Color bursts EVERYWHERE.  I went to the bathroom and when I came out, Kellen was on the floor with the most happy baby you've ever seen.  I think our relaxed, easy-going vibes just really put Clement in his most happiest of happy places.
Something about laying at a pool while looking at mountains and palms trees is just... prime.  Growing up in the Midwest {flat Kansas to be exact}, mountains made of dirt and rock and skinny palm trees everywhere just have such a charm to it.  When I used to complain to my mom about how boring Kansas was, she would always say, there's beauty in everything if you look for it.  I know the desert gets a bad rap, but being an outsider, I was enthralled.  Couldn't get enough.  {But yes, made me appreciate the greenness of the Midwest, ha.}  But seriously, the Palo Verde trees had me feeling dreamy.  There's so many new plants/trees out here!  I'm not even a plant person, but the yellow buds and green trunk had me all over google.
Something about being on vacation really has you feeling that everything will be ok.  Something about getting out of the grind and exploring new places just breaths new life.  Even though Clement woke up at 6am, eating oatmeal at Kings Highway looking all greasy and sleep deprived couldn't get me down.  I had a giant glass of Stumptown cold brew and a baby bouncing with all the attention he was getting from the servers {and eventually other guests as they trickled in}.  Speaking of greasy, when I did finally shower, they provide Rudy's Barbershop products.  When I lived in Seattle and had a pixie haircut, I would always go to Rudy's Barbershop to get my cuts {because it's basically a dude's cut, ha}.  So even the shower had me in a happy, nostalgic place.  And our room...  it felt like we were glamping - like we were in a luxurious tent with a California king bed in it.  Since I'm becoming obsessed with camping, this inspired us to plan a trip to Big Sur.  Involving tents {CAN'T WAIT!}.  I can't rave enough about the Ace and about this trip.  I'm beyond thankful to have had the time with my little family in such a fun place.

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