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Let's talk about the biggest canyon in the world for the second.  I used to imagine that God reached down and drug his finger through a bit of the west, creating the Grand Canyon.  It's always held such high appeal to me.  I visited when I was in sixth grade with my parents on a wild west camping tour we took with our trusty pop-up camper and have been dying to go back ever since.  Lucky for me, the chasm happens to be only a two hour drive from Kellen's family reunion in Flagstaff.  Since we agreed to go to the 4th of July reunion every other year due to our anniversary being on the 3rd, we decided to snatch up the opportunity of having a free babysitter for the day and took a little road trip just the two of us.  Naturally, the day started out with a doppio con panna and a mocha from Macy's, an incredibly delicious coffee shop in Flagstaff {which was much needed since Clement had decided to continue the vacation tradition of getting up as early as possible}.  Two hours later we were giddy with excitement as we spotted elk and breathed in the pines.  The entrance to Grand Canyon Nation Park feels surprisingly similar to Yellowstone - pines and luscious green everywhere.  Yet it's in the desert?  Crazy.  Also crazy, how you're just driving and can see for days, then all of a sudden there is a massive canyon.  We joked about how the pioneers traveling west were probably elated about having finally gotten through the mountains {Arizona is out of control diverse} and thinking they're home-free only to walk up to this huge 277 mile long, mile deep hole in the earth.  BUMMER.

Just like our Palm Springs stop was very much needed, this little day trip was something we, as a couple, were dying for.  It's been quite some time {aka, not since Clement} since we've gotten a day to ourselves.  We also just needed wide open space.  No traffic, no constant street noise, not houses and apartments crammed together as far as the eye can see, just nothing but space.  We talked about how great being in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception felt {seriously, this vacation on a whole was truly orchestrated by God.  I can't get over how He knew exactly what we needed the whole trip}.  Having Clement has been the hardest thing our marriage has had to face.  It's been a juggle figuring out time for ourselves - separately and together.  The loss of our 'play time' - biking/working out, traveling, trying new restaurants/parts of the city - has been a huge hit to us, one we didn't really see coming on quite the level it has come.  A few months ago we decided no ifs, ands or buts - we do date night on Mondays.  This has really helped, but still, two hours compared to eight - give me that day trip, ha.  It was so great to explore together.  Just sit in the car and jam out, talking about our musical preferences through high school and college {which are eerily similar especially since we didn't even know each other until after college #meanttobe}.  It really is crazy how love grows.  I know this man so much more than I did four years ago, and it's so cliche but so true, I love him about 400 times more than I did four years ago.  And how he loves me, especially through my meltdowns - including the one last night, where I literally threw myself on the middle of the livingroom floor crying because I was so exhausted from Clement being super sick for an entire week.  He laid down on the floor with me, talked me through it, grabbed me Oreos, a glass of wine and encouraged me to do a little something for myself.  He loves me so well.  Continually challenging me to be a better person, to seek the Lord in all things, and is an outstanding shadow of the perfect example of giving up himself and self-sacrifice.  I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.  I'm beyond thankful I get to explore and adventure with him on top of living daily life - to celebrate with him amidst the mundane.  Also.  Next time we're hiking down that thing and camping.  #Lifegoal.  Kellen, being Kellen, didn't even want to hike down {in the 100 degree heat} unless we were totally going for it {but don't worry, there still is plenty of other hiking around the rim to be done, also might include running after a bus to catch a ride back, just saying...}.  It's all or nothing with him, haha.  But one day when we have a few days without Clement, it's happening.

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