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The one retail email I always look for is the "hey surprise, 50% of sale" from J.Crew.  This landed in my inbox the week of the 4th and I got SO. EXCITED.  It's the employees discount without working {woot woot}!  I managed to nab this muscle tank for a measly $10.  The subtle sparkle racing stripes down the side add just enough character to make a basic not so boring.  I bought it a size too big to really give me that baggy slouchy look that the J.Crew models oh-so perfect.  Toss in a pair size too big boyfriend jeans {note to self - don't shop a week after having a baby} with some added height of wedges and wa-la:  J.Crew model dreams come true.  Or, apparently, I just spend too much time looking at the Style Guide... Ha.  But...  THAT WALL!!  I got so excited when we ran across this cement wall loaded with hanging plants in colored boxes.  Had to be blogged.  Also, #plantgoals.
{Me: Tank J.Crew, Jeans J.Crew, Shoes Payless {so old}, Sunnies F21, Earrings Urban Outfitters
Clement:  Button-Up Onsie Old Navy}

Somewhere along our road trip Clement managed to pick up a nasty cold.  And by cold I mean 103 degree temperature, clingy like you wouldn't imagine, runny nose and brutal cough.  Let me tell you, a sick baby is twenty times worse than being sick yourself.  Watching him suffer just broke my heart.  Not to mention, selfishly, terrible sleep at night, that clingy bit {but I did revel in the snuggles} and canceling plans to stay at home.  That whole canceling plans was actually the hardest part - selfishly speaking.  Being home alone with my child day after day, I live for plans.  Being a mom of a babe who thrives on being around other people, well, we both fair much better being around said people - somebody is just so much more happier and easy going in social situations and it kicks my feelings of loneliness to the curb.  So it was a week of us both being frustrated and feeling crummy.  By the time Sunday rolled around, he was finally starting to show signs of being normal again and we jumped at the chance to get out of the house and be around people.  However he wasn't feeling too keen on taking pictures after an hour and a half at church, so pardon his lack of smiles ;).  When the week of being sick was finally over, we moved into a week of - who's boss and how-long-can-Clement-scream-until-he-finally-falls-asleep.  Every. Time. Sleeping. Was. Involved.  This kid.  He's got a set of lungs and a stubborn will {ahem, no clue where he get's that from}.  So again, by the time Friday rolled around and I had a babysitter, I was so exhausted.  Mix screaming with a week of plans falling through - it's been a rough two weeks.  I think last week was the worst.  Have you ever sat through a child screaming at the top of their lungs for an hour all the while feeling alone?  The worst.  I was ready to punch someone and cry.  Every single nap or bed time.  I tell ya, those screams are forms of torture - it gets to your soul.  When my mother-in-law got here on Friday I could not wait to escape.  Totally at a loss of what to do and almost just broken, if that makes sense.  After I got a good long run in -full of beach scenes -  Kellen had planned a fun night of paddle boarding and *super cool parent alert* hitting the club to see some too cool Australian girls DJ {Nervo - check them out, they'll have you bouncing around your house in no time}.  We sat on paddle boards in the middle of Mission Bay with friends for two hours, just basking in the sun, ocean and palms then ended the night dancing around with glow sticks until 1am {still not sure how I made it}.  It's little things like that that keep me young, I guess, and I was more than ready to feel young and free again.  So here's to a new week - hopefully full of plans!

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  1. 103 degrees? That is worrying. Your baby really put up with a lot to be able to withstand that. He had quite a bit of strength as well. Hopefully it's just the weather, and does not reappear in some way; it would be the best for everyone if it was. Take care!

    Paul Quinn @ Med Care Pediatric


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