Road Rules

Road trips can be tough.  Made even more tough with a 9 month old that doesn't always sleep when you want him to.  To that I say, break up long trips with coffee stops, preferably with good friends in a fun city if possible.  On our way back to San Diego, we took a quick little stop at my favorite Phoenix coffee shop, Lux, to see one of Kellen's best friends that he's known since high school.  Said best also has a little dude just a few months older than Clement, so obviously we had to do a photo shoot with the little blonde future besties.  Between a quick catch-up, three shots of espresso and a to-die-for vegan donut we felt like warriors ready for the next 6 hour haul.  My last road trip tip - dress in your comfies {and layer - when going from 60 degrees to 100 degrees you want to be able to shed clothing quickly, ha}, especially when maneuvering around a car in an attempt to turn the little one's frown upside down.
{Let's just talk about CK's face here...  He gets overheated easily {all that chub!?} and was not impressed with the AZ heat}

This is the last post from our great road trip adventure.  I've said it before {twice to be precise} and I'll say it again, it was so much what our family needed and the timing of it was just perfect.  It's like God knew we needed a break and just planned out the most perfect break possible for us.  Clement was seriously a champ.  We all slept in the same room the whole time and while we didn't get as much sleep as we normally do, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.  And he was such a trooper in the car - slept like a pro most of the time {well mainly because of our timing, ha}.  I feel like life has semi gotten to a normal I can easily manage {well, some days anyway} and that makes me VERY excited.  But when I think about adding another babe in, I freak out.  This is our normal now and I in no way want to rock the boat.  We can travel, we can function, we feel good about life.  I used to say I was too selfish to have one kid.  Now I'm saying I'm too selfish to have two.  Things are under control, I finally have a routine - even get things done that I'm not sure would ever happen with two {7 miles with a double stroller?!  No thank you...}.  So for now, I'm more than content with my little family of three.  I'm sure God will work on my heart when it's time for number two, but right now I'm embracing - even reveling in - the current situation.  It's prime. ;)

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