As soon as I say I'm not a style blogger, I feel inspired.  Naturally. Ha.  But this, my friends, is real life.  We actually put effort into our outfits on Sunday for church, but as soon as we get home, Clement, like a little puppy, needs to be set free.  No restraints.  So when we attempted to take these photos he went ballistic.  He saw a wide open sidewalk just calling for him to explore and put all the cigarette butts, rocks, and anything else he can find in his mouth {don't worry, I have yet to let a cigg butt actually make it into his mouth - I'm not THAT laid back ;)}.  There was a ridiculous meltdown that ensued followed by me saying, "Whatever child, go get your clothes and yourself filthy, what do I care". *Sigh*  This kid is as dirty as they come, pretty much 24/7.  I've just learned to embrace it and try to wash his grubby hands before he manhandles my favorite necklaces.  Besides, the dirtier he is, the better he seems to sleep.
Oh also, I nabbed these bejeweled slides from Target for six freaking dollars.  I was ecstatic.  I feel like Malibu Barbie.  Enough said.
 Tee H&M, Shorts J.Crew, Slides Target, Necklace Shop Strands, Sunnies H&M
CK: Shirt GapBaby, Shorts Old Navy

The other day I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and read this from Tim Keller {in, you guess it, The Meaning Of Marriage}: "...Our assurance about God's future would transforms our attitudes toward all earthly activities.  We should be glad for success, but not overly glad, and saddened by failure but not too down cast, because our true joy in the future is guaranteed by God.  So we are to enjoy but not be "engrossed" in things of this world." I wrote it in my journal.  Then began pouring my heart out, confessing my ugly selfish, joy-based-on-earthly-things sin.  I then decided to read back over some of the previous entries and wouldn't you believe it, majority of them revolved around finding my joy in things other than God.  On family, on circumstances {ahem, out of control angry/depressed in Milwaukee winters...}, on money, on jobs, on friends - or lack of, you name it.  It surprised me {although it really shouldn't have} that this is such a reoccurring theme.  I'd like to say it's come to a big ugly climax with having Clement demanding life out of me nonstop, but in all honestly, it's no different than the hard days of a job I really didn't enjoy and well, winter in Wisconsin.  I feel like this is a lesson I'm learning continually.  And you'd think I'd LEARN.  But alas, here we are again.  Deep down I wonder if it's something I'll always struggle with or if I'll truly let God be my joy.  The latter is obviously the goal, but there are just times when my eyes get so turned inward that all I can see is myself and wa-wa-wa, pity me and all joy vanishes.  I just pray that over time I will recognize it sooner, let God be God sooner and eventually it will be nipped in the bud.  I feel like it's such a hard lesson to learn - so many people I know struggle with it - and I would love to be able to teach Clement to be so focused on God so that He is the source of his true joy based on example.  I obviously have my work cut out for me - thank goodness for grace.  And nothing like you're kid watching you to make you want to step up your game, ha.


  1. Hahaha aaaw how cute! The little one's shirt is very snazzy! Love your casual and effortlessly cute outfit too! You both look chic :)

    My new post involves cute animals and a floral dress, come have a look if you like! Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

  2. Ah thank you for the deets on where to find that tee, I have seen it on a few other fashion bloggers, so you are still a legit fashion blogger, don't ever doubt that and I was like must.find.tee

  3. Julie,

    You rock. Beautifully written. So honest, so lovely. Thanks for sharing. xx

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