All The Seattle Feels

 Yeesh, it's been over a month since this trip...  My blogging game is really on par these days, ahem.
Wanna know one of the reasons I love my husbands job?  Travel.  Well, when I get to tag along I love that reason.  Or if I get to have someone come stay with me while he's gone.  Otherwise I hate it, ha.  Last month, he had work in Seattle and we had a free flight so Clement and I tagged along.  We have a few friends there and ended up staying with a pal who lives close to my favorite area/old stomping grounds.  And wouldn't you believe it, Seattle has had a super toasty summer.  Like way warmer than San Diego {until just recently, we're dying of heat now- just in time for fall}.  The first day we were there it was 82 and it was glorious.  So much lounging in the shade happened it was unreal.  The next two days however were much cooler {which I totally didn't pack for} and had us feeling all the Seattle feels.  Long live the land of overcast skies, coffee galore, luscious greenery, and pines, water and hills for days.
Every morning started out with a coffee run, especially since Clement wasn't exactly on his best sleeping behavior, waking up at 6am or earlier every day {but hey, at least I didn't have to suffer with a time change this trip}.  Since I didn't want him to wake up Jason, I usually hustled him out of the house for donuts and coffee {the best donut I've ever had in my life thus far resides in Seattle - Mighty-O.  And they're vegan/gluten-free so you don't feel sick if you go on a run after consuming a few}.  During CK's morning nap I'd run a few laps around Green Lake {one of the best places for people watching while running/walking/laying out}.  I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm ridiculously sentimental.  It was crazy all the thoughts, emotions and memories that flooded through my brain as I ran one of my old dailies.  And it actually wasn't the first time I'd ran the lake with a stroller - I used to push my nephew around there when I was his nanny and well, he was a little more chill than Clement ha.  Ah.
 The first afternoon, we met Kellen downtown and grabbed lunch at a food truck, Maximus Minimus, and ate in the park.  We even ran into our old pastor outside of Whole Foods and had a quick chat.  One of those little moments that make you feel like you aren't completely, utterly detached.  Actually, I think we ran into more people that we know around Seattle than we bump into in San Diego.  Seriously.  So that was nice.
Can you even handle the lavender in Jason's yard!?  He kept rubbing it between his hands and the most lovely lavender smell would just settle around us.  Between whiffs of lavender, swinging on a porch swing {one of my life goals} sipping a white velvet from one of the many of my favorite Seattle coffee shops while someone else entertained my babe for a bit... ugh.  Heaven.
Clement was so off his routine, waking up super early, taking super long morning naps {didn't complain about that part}, but had to be coaxed to sleep in the afternoon, which meant I spent the afternoons walking the hills with him on my chest.  These days this kid is super stubborn about going to sleep so we'd walk for a good 30-45 minutes before he would even fall asleep and then he'd sleep for an hour. While I had to keep walking. Soooooo I got double the workout in.  And those hills...  we both were drenched in sweat by the time he woke up.  But in all honesty, I loved walking the neighborhoods, looking at the hidden or perched-on-a-hill quaint houses, bouncing my babe and having those little thoughts about what life would be like if we were still living there.    
The next morning was basically the same - walk/hike for coffee {and ooo and aahh over the gorg greenery} followed by a nap time run.  This run though... one of my most favorite routes, well a part of it anyway.  I'm not quite in the shape to do the whole {13 mile} route with a stroller, ha.  But it wound through my old neighborhood, past my old house {that I shared with six girls - good times} and landed me on top of Gasworks Park overlooking the city.  I used to sit on that hill at least once a week.  So many times I sat there trying to figure out or reveling in life.  Rolled down that hill.  Maybe after a beer {because if you know me, you know that's all it takes}.  Realized I love Kellen on that hill.  I just love a good skyline view that includes water and this hill has it all.  Clement naturally slept through the whole thing.   
  When Kellen got off work we decided to walk a mile and a half to Fremont to hit up Homegrown {you guessed it, an old fave}.  Just as we walked in the door it started down pouring.  And thundering and lightening.  Which is super unnatural in Seattle.  We'd debated about taking a bus or Ubering it there, but assumed we'd be fine.  After two hours of eating and walking next door to get coffee in an attempt to wait it out, it was still going strong so we decided to try to bus it since we didn't have a car seat for Uber.  Well, we missed the bus and by the time we got to the stop we were already drenched anyway.  And I mean SOAKING WET.  We piled our bags/camera in the stroller and I strapped Clement on me and attempted to keep him dry with a shoddy umbrella {in lightening... eh, what are the odds right?  Sheez ha}.  As we began our 45 minute trek back to the house, Kell and I couldn't help but laughing.  He looked so dang attractive soaking wet pushing a stroller.  Might have been a quick make-out sesh - Clement somehow managed to fall asleep {!?!?!??!}.  So although damp - it was very Seattle and took us back to new love and oooolala.  I loved it all.  Even my mud soaked chucks and melting felt hat.
     The last night we were there, Jason was kind enough to host a BBQ for a bunch of our friends that are still in the area.  It was so wonderful to see so many people who used to have such a huge impact on our lives.  It's so crazy how relationships ebb and flow, yet can still remain strong.  My heart was so full having people who know the whole story of Kell and me and had helped us walk through dating and engagement.  Something about that is just so special.  Plus just catching up and hearing what God is doing in each of their lives and just fruit in their lives - ah, so encouraging.  Poor Clement, though.  The babe was beyond exhausted.  We ended up having to wake him up at 7pm to meet everybody and - you can tell by his face - was super mellow all night and back down by 9.  I didn't get any pictures of that BBQ - I'll chalk it up to being present and great convo - but it was maybe the highlight of the trip.
On the way to the airport we stopped by our all-time favorite coffee shop, Victrola, conveniently located across the street from Kellen's old condo.  I'm just going to go ahead and say it was CRA-ZY bringing Clement in there.  So many DTR's and tears and hopes happened in that coffee shop.  So bringing my little bundle of joy - a product of all that coffee shop work - hit me a little hard, in a great way.  It was real.  We are real.  And we're growing.  We've changed so much over the past 5 years, we've come so far, and to have something tangible {like a child} to see just how far we have come... nuts.  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to move back for a few weeks after that trip.  But I came to realization that I will probably have all the feels when we make it back to Milwaukee {soon, hopefully!!!}.  And one day in the future I might be begging Kellen to move me back to San Diego - because all the feels and memories.  Life is a crazy thing.  And so fast.  Too fast.  I don't know if it's being *almost* 30 or Clement being *almost* ONE, but I feel like life is moving at the speed of sound and I desperately want it to slow down.  I want to remember more.  I'm clinging to memories and holding them so dear.  I just want to love where I'm at and quit wishing for the next thing.  Soak it all up.  Who knew a little vaca would lead to deep thinking... ha.  But still, I wouldn't mind ending up in Seattle one day - such a great, beautiful city.

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