Clement Style: Mocc Love

Excuse me while I just blow up this blog post with Clement.  I mean, THAT FACE {and those teeth!}.  Guys, I cannot handle this kid - it's like every day he just steals one more little piece of my heart.  And dressing him... total fave.  Especially now that we're SoCal locals I feel like I can go all bright neon and totally mismatch his outfits and, to be honest, he probably looks more like a local than I do.  Typically this little man is shoe-less {and socks-less unless it's hitting lower 60s}, so when I first put these absolutely adorable Neon Rae Woccasin Moccasins on him, he flipped out.  Even at the beginning of this photo shoot he kept kicking his feet together trying to get them off {and totally got them filthy in the process - babies, I tell ya, can't keep 'em clean for two seconds}.  Eventually he gave up and kept exploring like he normally would, not even noticing he had fashion forward footwear on his tootsies.  Best news of the morning - I'm giving a pair of these adorable little moccs away on my Instagram - you get to pick the style and size!  Take a peek to see how you can win and while you're waiting you might want to give the goods at Neon Rae a look - totally worth your time.
Tee Old Navy, Shorts Gap, Moccs Neon Rae

Hello, still there?  Haha sorry there are so many pictures of this kid.  Proud mama over here and I just couldn't decide and well, couldn't delete {also why I have an atrocious amount of pictures on my phone...}.  But really, I cannot get over how big he is getting!  He looks more and more like a toddler every day and I'm like, pump the brakes please!  He's turning into a total chatter box and sings when I sing to him or during worship at church.  Zero stranger danger present in this kids body - he will {bear} crawl up to strangers and hold his arms up for them to pick him up while I internally freak out.  He is just funny - laughs at his own little jokes and chatter or because everyone else is laughing, you name it, he finds a way to laugh and make everyone around him laugh {he's warmed the heart of skeptical neighbors}.  And boy howdy does this little man love his daddy.  When Kellen leaves for work {or to take our the trash or do anything outside of the house not involving CK} Clement throws himself on the floor screaming.  When I leave... nothing.  Not a peep.  Take that ego.  But in all honestly, it melts my heart that he loves his daddy so much.  I mean, I totally get it - he's a stellar dude, half the time I flip out when he leaves too.  *Cheese mom alert* I don't think I could love anything more than just being Clement's mama, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Ugh.  I have the best dudes.


Thanks for the love!