First Birthday Ever

News Flash everyone.  I have a one year old.  Say WHAT!?  How did this even happen so fast {yet so slow all at the same time}?  I meant to do a post about how I was feeling pre-one year old but, wouldn't ya know, planning a party was about all I could muster.  I am in zero way shape or form an organized, planner type of person, so when two weeks before his big day rolled around and not one invite had been sent out... I got the every so gentle shove nudge from the hubs {who is incredibly organized and planned}, then he left for eight days and I really had to get it together.  I hate making decisions.  Just picking out the spot stressed me out more than you could imagine {but there was a playground AND a beach so it was the perfect afternoon for all the nap-skipping littles}.  The one thing I did know was that I wanted a big gold "1" balloon and good friends {although when 40 people RSVPed I had a minor meltdown.  But really, we have been beyond blessed with friends here in SD}.  Praise the Lord we got both - the balloon Instagramed SO well and there were plenty of hot dogs to go around.  I also managed to make a photographer friend about a month before Clement's birthday and somehow talked this talented lady into taking pictures.  Calli did such a great job - as you can see {you should probably check out her stuff - especially if there are wedding bells in your future}.  Although I threw everything together in a manner that would make all the organized people of the world cringe {as in running to get table clothes and a salad 30 minutes before people arrived}, I was pretty excited with how it all turned out.  Besides, let's be honest, with the ocean, boats, trees and cute babes running around, who even really cares what the decorations look like right {all from Target in case you were wondering}.  So please pardon the absolute picture vomit as I had the hardest time picking out my favorites.  Mom-bias here, but I think this kid might be the cutest of them all and so ALL THE PICTURES!
Naturally, Clement decided to take a super long snooze pre-party so I had to wake him up in time to make him fashionably late to his own party, hence the rather unsure mean-mugging.  I was so sure he would just love everyone singing "Happy Birthday" and clapping {he's found his own clap and cannot and will not stop} but instead, he lost it.  I think maybe he was just overwhelmed.  Turning 1 is quite daunting you know.  Lucky for us, my parents flew into town the night before and my mom - super mom that she is, came fully loaded with kisses, love and presents, made dinner and cranked out the cakes while my dad grilled 80 hot dogs {surprise- people older than 8 aren't really fans of hot dogs so if you're craving, I have a freezer full of them}.  I honestly don't think I could have pulled this off if they hadn't pitched in and ecstatically offered babysitting duties.   So thankful for both sets of grandparents and all they do to help us out {Gammy made the most amazing cookies and cream homemade ice cream that people couldn't stop fawning over}.  Beyond thankful for such a supportive family despite miles and miles of distance.
**Yes CK ate his cake mainly with a fork and no, not a huge fan of his smash cake.  We totally had to convince him to dig in, dainty little man that he is {what!?}.  He was also obsessed with putting the "1" candle back on top of the cake where it obviously belonged {maybe a smidge OCD like his dad}.

  Photos by Calli: Color & Cake - check her on Instagram and Facebook too! 

{The pictures below {and a couple above that don't have the light and dreamy factor to them} are a few taken with my camera after most people had left and CK was feeling a little more like himself.  PDA alert.}
And I know, I know.  You're over there wondering why the heck would we go all out for a birthday Clement won't even remember.  I'll tell you why.  I married a man who loves a great party.  Who loves being surrounding with amazing people.  And BECAUSE WE MADE IT THROUGH OUR FIRST YEAR WITH A BABY.  People, that is something huge to celebrate.  It was no walk in the park for us.  So many adjustments, sleepless scream-filled nights, skipped naps, diet restrictions, sacrificing of free-time, missing out on fun, and even on each other at times.  Our relationship took a hit that we are still recovering from.  One of things that no one really told me about.  They just said having a baby was the biggest blessing - and by all means - they're 100% spot on, they just didn't mention that there would be times I felt like slamming my head against a wall or crying hysterically because I was just. so. tired.  There's no way we could have prepared for this past year.  No way we could have known how really, truly selfish we were/are at the heart of things or how incredibly intentional we would have to become with each other.  Nothing but God's grace, forgiveness, learning to better communicate, encouragement from friends/family, and a few mom-tricks got us through this year {well maybe a few hundred lattes helped too}.  And they say the first one is the hardest.  Hopefully there's no missing information there... ;)  But thank you so much for following along on our journey the past year and for offering advise and encouragement.  I love it when people say they read my blog and totally relate and share they're {your} own story.  That's why I do this - so both you and I know that we're not alone.  That we're all human and are just trying to figure this life thing out and it might be ugly in some parts, but it's all worth it.  So THANK YOU. {emoji sending a heart via kiss}

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