Wild One

My child is crazy.  He's a nonstop mover, chatter-box, hug lover and this shirt perfectly describes him:  A wild one.  And I love it.  While we were at the zoo the other day he kept going up to kids trying to hug them and would, inevitably, knock them over {because his hug is putting his arms around you and falling on you- and he's no small force}.  Kind of hilarious.  While we're at it, can you even handle these little Avarca Pons on him!?  I figured since he's walking around in public {gross} places now, he should probably start wearing shoes on the reg.  A friend gave him these when he was born and I'm ecstatic they fit his fat feet, although learning to walk with something on his feet was a little rough.  Also, three cheers to Old Navy for making a very breezy Fall shirt with short sleeves.  We have been burning up over here with temps in the mid 80s, so this little number was a very welcome sight to my inner craving for all things fall.
Shirt Old Navy, Shorts J.Crew, Sandals F21
CK: Tank Gap Baby {fall version HERE}, shorts Old Navy, Shoes Avarca

The last month I've started nannying/driving around a teen and a tween for a little extra cash and while it's been such a blessing from the Lord that I can make money and bring Clement with me on the job, it's for sure been a juggle.  Let's just say his napping is nowhere near consistent.  Ever.  The other juggle is getting my life together: the house semi-clean, meals on the table and attention to the hubs - as any working mama knows.  Before picking up this job I was pretty lenient on getting his morning nap in his bed -we usually met up with moms and other kids for play/coffee dates- because I could get stuff done during his afternoon nap.  Now, I really need him to sleep so I can get things done around the house, but desperately miss the community and interaction.  So I'll have a play date, Clement doesn't sleep, I don't get anything done and then it's off to work we go - some days it's worth it, others it's just way harder.  We've both been a little more crabby and our fuses have gotten a bit {read: a lot} shorter.  Last week I met up with a friend to grab coffee and hang in Balboa Park but both CK and I were absolutely exhausted and crabby.  One of those moments where you've probably had too much coffee but you still feel so tired and are not sure you are really equipped to make decisions for yourself, let alone a child, so you get another coffee hoping it will be the kick you need and slump against the wall while your child tries to climb in the dog bowl offered for local pups.  I happened to be slumped beside a girl my age and her mom grabbing coffee together who kept smiling and talking to Clement the flirt.  Clement being Clement, went right over and held his hands up to the mother, wanting her to hold him.  She picked him up and said, "ah little boy, God has big plans for you".  I nearly lost it.  Just the little reminder that this daily struggle and work isn't in vain.  That there's so much more of a bigger purpose - a purpose I can't even comprehend really - behind it all.  That this child is God's child and I just happened to be given the gift of caring for him...  It was just the reminder I needed to tell myself to suck it up and quite whining about every little thing and throwing pity parties.  God has provided everything perfectly - including plans for this little boy that I get to be apart of.  That although the daily life seems so important at the time - getting stuff done and errands ran - really it's nothing in comparison to my real job of raising this little boy.  It was such a much needed reminder.  And I don't think that woman has any idea how much that little comment meant to me.  Also - huge shout out to all the working mamas out there.  Mega props.  It's no small task.


  1. Seth calls me the nap Nazi. For obvious reasons I cherish those nap times and hold to them and bed time like it's the holy grail. Mama's gotta work! ha! So proud of you for starting a little something on the side! It's for real the hardest thing- you are not alone!

  2. Still in the 80s here in FL, too. You look so cute!
    Also, the struggle and juggle are real. With me working part time, running a business, adjusting to life with 2 kids, and being in charge of most things domestic, I felt very overwhelmed for a few weeks. I'm just now starting to emerge on the other side, feeling like I have things under control. However, contrary to my go-with-the-flow nature, I have to be super organized and write everything down. You will adjust to your new schedule soon! Praying for you, and I'm right there in the trenches with you.


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