Peace And Joy

What a difference a year can make.  Last year around this time Kellen and I weren't exactly feeling super joyful or Christmas-y.  We had basically no friends, a two month old pterodactyl and it was hot to us Milwaukee natives.  This year Christmas feels like Christmas and it's glorious.  It's actually been cold {you know, 50s and 60s}, we have found amazing friends {and babysitters and parties!!} and our pterodactyl turned into such a charmer  - just look at him.  One of our Seattle friends sent us a big box full of Christmas goodies and I died over Clement's gifts {nearly everything he's wearing}.  THOSE LITTLE JEANS.  The cardi... Ugh.  He officially looks like a little man.  Bye bye baby.  He just breaks my heart in the best way possible.  Speaking of style {this paragraph is all over the place, I know}, I've really been embracing the whole minimalist style thing.  I live in stripes and black and white.  I want versatile pieces that can be paired with nearly any and everything, especially since shopping doesn't really happen much these days thanks to my little personal shopping terror.  To keep the basics from getting boring - a pop of color and/or leopard print.  We all know I'm a sucker for that spotted animal print. 
Cardi Madewell, Tank F21, Skirt F21, Boots Target, Necklace Madewell, Hat Brixton
CK: Cardi Molly Moons, Tee Milkbarn, Jeans Zara, Socks Old Navy, Shoes Hand-me-downs

Back to how much things have changed since last year...  The past Sunday the sermon was on the joy Christ brings and today was on the peace of the Son.  Last Christmas was awful.  We were exhausted and lonely.  We weren't exactly feeling the joy joy joy and we felt so unsettled - even second guessing if we were even supposed to be in San Diego- that we made the wrong decision {you know, all the thoughts that happen after a big move and a huge life change}.  This Christmas I feel like I'm bursting at the seems with joy and peace and just an overwhelmingly grateful heart.  Now I'm beyond certain, without a doubt, that we are supposed to be in San Diego {and that having a child was the best decision ever ha}.  The community God has provided for us has been amazing.  I love the new people that have made their way into our lives and for the number of old friends that happen to also live here.  I can't tell you how happy it makes my heart that the baristas know my child and my name and more than that - that I run into my college soul mate at the coffee shop almost weekly and have quick chats.  Or I run into a mom friend I just met at the children's museum that my old friend works at.  Isn't it funny how being connected makes all the difference in the world?  The best thing is that I know my God set up all these connections.  He worked it all out perfectly - knew what and who I would need.  I know that on the shallow end of things - most of this is circumstantial.  I should still have that joy joy joy way down in the depths of my heart even if I have no friends and a screaming baby - and to an extent I did, but gosh darnit, it feels SO MUCH BETTER than it did a year ago.  The joy and peace is alive and real and so far this has been one of the best ever Christmas's to date.  I also attribute Clement's obsession and excitement over 'liiitteess' to that.  The way he bangs on the door to go outside and make the rounds of seeing all the houses with lights up on the street. Then makes his little 'oooooh' face as he looks at them {and tries to yank them down if he can touch them... boys}.  Christmas with a 1 year old is magical and I'm sure it's only going to get better.

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