The Clement Show

Hello.  It's me.  It's been awhile, I know.  I'm just going to chalk it up to that #momlife, holidays and crazy Clement.  This kid, I tell ya.  Will. Not. Stop. Moving.  So instead of blogging, nap time {if that even happens} becomes ultimate relax time {or sadly, more likely, quick do chores.  Ugh}.  I was looking back through all my posts and it's crazy how this blog has morphed over the years.  These days it's basically the Clement Show.  I should rename the blog.  But I guess my attentions have shifted from the latest trends to this little butterball - not exactly the worst thing that's ever happened to me.  And it's not like style has completely faded - Clement's closet just reaps the benefits instead of mine for the most part, ha.  And let's be honest, being a stay at home mom doesn't exactly call for heels and lipstick.  More like the same outfit on repeat or Nike galore.  To be honest, the thought of getting dressed up for a family Christmas picture sounded terrible - too much effort.  Something is happening to me.  I don't know if it's uber laid-back San Diego were spandex is acceptable almost everywhere or just being mom-tired.  Either way, it's a glamorous life I live and I freakin love it. 
 Me: Jacket Urban Outfitters, Dress F21, Sandals Mix No. 6, Glasses Rowley Eyewear
CK: Tee Old Navy, Pants Cotton On, Shoes Vans

So mom talk for a sec.  Clement has been so defiant lately.  He fights me on absolutely everything.  From changing his diaper {I literally have to wrestle him to the ground every single time} to putting clothes on to getting him in his car seat to not throwing food.  And if you don't take him outside when he points to the door and says 'sy sy'...  10 minute tantrums where he just lays on the ground screaming or banging on the door.  Yesterday after he finally went down for his nap I had a meltdown.  I'm just so tired of fighting.  It's like beating my head against a wall.  Never getting anywhere seemingly.  I have no idea if I'm doing this motherhood thing right.  Is he like this because of lack of discipline {it really is hard to stay stern with this kid when he flashes his big smile at you and comes in for an open-mouth kiss}?  Is this just a normal phase and I need to keep on keeping on with setting those boundaries?  We're all for swatting the hands/booty but I can't seem to discern if I'm a big softy and justify his actions or if the justification is legit?  Or I do swat and the next time he throws a pea he slaps his own hand and says "NO!"...  I mean, what!?   I only have so much energy for distraction techniques but those Target freak-outs are straight up embarrassing and infuriating.  I guess I've just never felt so ill-equipped before.  Even more so than bringing him home.  I feel like this sets the stage for everything and I don't want to blow it.  It's beyond crazy how I can be so frustrated and so in love all at the same time.  He screams at me all day but those good-night kisses just melt my heart and make me want to do it all over again - to give it another go while praying for more patience, grace and wisdom.  This motherhood thing I tell ya...  Haha, this is why I can't blog more often ;)  But any tips from my mama readers out there would be greatly appreciated.


  1. love the jacket!

  2. Ok, first of all, when did he become a little boy? I feel like the last picture I saw of him he was a baby...what the what?
    As for parenting, it sounds like you're doing exactly what you're supposed to - and this phase of his is completely normal. Keep being consistent with your consequences and even if it doesn't seem like he's getting it - he will! And Target tantrums - we've all been there. I personally just act like it doesn't phase me one bit, and make comments like, "It sounds like you're really mad." "I'll listen when you're ready to talk nicely." or if the situation calls for it, "Do you need a hug?" Or sometimes I just whip out the phone and take a video of the tantrum. Solidarity, sister!


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