Hawaiian Adventure Part II

The long anticipated Part II, coming at ya, ha.  Last post I didn't really talk much about how we ended up in Hawaii or how much of a blessing it really was to us.  This year will be our five year anniversary and we had been dreaming of taking a child-free trip to Hawaii to celebrate, but came to the conclusion we should probably save money and do something less pricey - like a road trip up the California coast or something.  No less than six hours later, Kellen's parents called saying they were going for work and wanted to know if we wanted to tag along and share a VRBO {think HomeAway type of thing}.  I tell ya what.  God totally blew our mind.  We got Hawaii and we got babysitters.  So the first two and a half days it was just us three adventuring, then the rest of the week we were joined by the grandparents and beached it galore.
One of the things I'd been dying to do was the hike down to the Captain Cook monument.  It's about a two mile downhill hike to the crystal clear, blue ocean.  My local friend had told me snorkeling was a must and jumping into that water after a hot and humid hike was glorious.  We took a disposable underwater camera {so old schoo, I know} but I haven't even taken it in to get the pictures developed.  Right now I'm really wishing I would have because, THE FISH.  I'm talking bright yellow and neon pink fishies against a crisp blue background.  And the coral... unreal.  I will say, I hate snorkeling.  Like massive anxiety.  At one point {or three} I inhaled mouthfuls of saltwater because I couldn't calm down my breathing.  I knew I was inclined to this after a snorkel trip in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia during college but I knew I'd be so mad at myself if I didn't do it.  About the time I finally calmed down and started breathing normally it was time to start hiking out.  Naturally.  To complete the day-date we sneaked out for pre-dinner drinks at a little place on the water called Huggo's.  I've never really been one for fruity drinks - more of a whiskey girl - but I downed that pina colada daiquiri concoction in basically two seconds. SO. GOOD.  Kellen's mia tai was pretty up there on the delish scale as well.
Our last beach day we'd heard about some tide pools that are perfect for kids to play in so we went in search of those.  Again, Hawaii makes you work for the good beaches.  For this one we ended up parking in a school/rec center parking lot, crossed a soccer field then cut through gated housing to this gem of a spot.  As you can see by Clement's face, it was nap time when we got there and he was more than ready to crash.  Babies crossing time zones I tell ya...  We got an hour in before he completely lost his cool and that was an hour well spent with Gammy and Granddaddy.
 {Can we also just talk about Clement Mikey tank here?  It was actually Kellen's from back in the day.  I'm obsessed with it.  Other things I'm obsessed with... Zinka sunscreen - you might have noticed orange on Clement's face in the last post too.  He has yet to burn his little face and I attribute it all to Zinka.  The teal color is my favorite, but that one missed the packing list apparently.  The brown on his face is chocolate granola bar... you know.}
Let's talk food for a sec.  Sunday morning Kellen and his dad were out scuba diving while Clement played with his Gammy so I got some serious solo time.  First thing I did was hit up coffee.  I'm telling you coffee in Hawaii is PRIME.  My favorite spot was Daylight Mind Coffee Company with their amazing vanilla latte, while Kona Coffee and Tea Company killed it with their chai.  UGH.  Daylight Mind has the most amazing location though- literally on the water.  I was insta-stalking it weeks before we even got there.  In the mornings they offer yoga on a deck on the second floor that overlooks the water.  If it wasn't two hours long I would have done it in a heartbeat.  Coffee in hand, I walked south down Ali'i Drive to a little beach.  Just sitting there with my coffee and magazine.  A mom's dream, lemme tell ya.  When I started to get hungry I packed up and walked a bit to grab an acai bowl - because they're heaven in San Diego, they have to really blow your mind in Hawaii right? RIGHT.  I stumbled on Basik Cafe and it was the best stumble of my life.  Total beach/surfer vibes.  The acai bowl was as big as my face {I did pay freakin $15 for it, but figured I'd share with Kell - except I ate it all...  But worth every penny} and there was PAPAYA in it.  And since I mentioned it, Ali'i Drive is basically all you need.  Beaches, food, Farmer's Market...  Stick to that and you're set - although a bit touristy - just FYI.
OH, and let's not forget donuts.  Of course we found donuts.  Holy Donuts made all Clement's dreams come true.  They had samples in the size of massive donut holes and I'm embarrassed to tell you how many that kid pounded.  It's like he hadn't eaten a massive breakfast 20 minutes before...  The donut I got was literally the size of my face - you might have seen that on Instagram.  The workers were probably some of the nicest people I've ever met and the the wall art outside of the shop was so great.
As you can tell, Clement pretty much just lived in one-piece tank tops.  The poor kid runs hot as it is, so throw him in a humid 80 degree climate and he's a little sweat box.  But let's be honest, he loved it.  We stayed in a three bedroom VRBO up the hill from Ali'i drive and were thrilled with everything about it.  When you're coming from a tiny two bedroom apartment, a three bedroom house felt huge - and Clement's room felt so.far.away. Ha.  But it was open air and had a yard, in a gated community...  it was perfect.  We woke up every morning to some crazy, loud bird - which I've come to realize live near our apartment in San Diego as well, it's apparently just not as loud?  For breakfast one morning I had snatched up some macadamia nut banana pancake mix and guava syrup.  As you can tell, Clement was a big fan {and I'm really wishing I would have brought a few bottles home...}.  Post-nap we'd take Clement for walks exploring the neighborhood.  Since the Big Island was created by volcanoes, Kona is on a hill, so everyone basically has an ocean view.  Where ever you go.  I mean...  can't beat that.
It was almost a 6 hour flight from San Diego but Clement really did so well.  Praise the Lord we managed to snag a full row to ourselves both ways {still holding onto that under 2 rule} so he could get up and play in the row and have a seat to race his cars and trucks in all to himself.  We still walked the isles with him for what felt like the entire flight.  On the way home though, he slept like a total champ.  It was a mix of a super late nap blending into bedtime when we boarded the plane so he was only awake for about an hour of that trip {praise hands}.  It's beyond rare that he'll sleep in my arms like this so of course I had to sneak a pic of that in.  Just for my sake.  This trip was really just what we needed when we needed it.  Leading up to it, our schedules had been crazy - Kell was traveling alot for work and I had just stared nannying a little baby.  It was just the rest and recharge we needed.  So thankful it all worked out so perfectly {and fairly inexpensively, talk about hallelujah ha}.

Super sorry for the two crazy long posts back to back!  Maybe I'll get my life together and get some posts going soon...


  1. Such wonderful pictures :)
    xx Katha

  2. Looks and sounds like a lovely trip! I am so glad you had this time away with your family! Thanks for sharing! Stef PHelps


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