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 First style post of 2016 {and it's April...}.  Also, I'm not much of a wild child but this shirt is the comfiest tee I've ever put on and I do love the west coast.  Raise your hand if you've been wearing neutrals pretty much religiously {hand raises}.  I am a lover of color but something about how neutrals all work together and outfits can be mixed and matched for days is just PRIME.  If you're in the market for some deals and steals, Old Navy has been killing it this spring.  I snagged these shoes for 50% off and this sweater for under $10.  I kid you not.  Nothing like beautiful flowers and amazing deals to brighten your day, amiright?
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For my birthday {way back in December}, my sister gave me the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and holy cow, it's probably been one of the most applicable books to my current stage of life {although it would have totally been applicable to almost any stage I've been through, really}.  She talks about giving thanks, to the point of writing down the little gifts from God throughout the day - such as first morning light, a hot cup of coffee loading with sweet vanilla creamer, a little voicing calling "mommy", to name of few of mine recently.  The little things that aren't always appreciated.  Even the gifts in the ugly.  For example...  The other day I was beyond tired and so ready for nap time to just get a break to sit.  Unfortunately, they've been doing construction on the apartment under ours for the past two weeks and there happened to be a jack hammer raging as nap time approached.  Desperate for a break, I packed Clement up and headed to a friends house in hopes of a quiet oasis.  It was quiet however, he refused to sleep in the pack 'n play and ended up taking a nap in my arms.  Do you have any idea how rare it is that he'll sleep in my arms these days?  So I spend my 40 minutes of nap time with 26 pounds of love on me, attempting to take selfies and not wake him because obviously I needed to document this rarity.  So that was the first gift in the ugly.  Once he woke up and we had made it home, I decided to try to tackle the dishes I would have done had he slept in his bed.  As I'm one fourth of the way into them, he starts whining and pushing/pulling on me to pick him up.  Tired and frustrated that I couldn't get anything done I picked him up, made him a smoothie and sat him on the counter to watch me, assuming he'd only sit there for .2 seconds - long enough to wash half a dish.  However, he sat there for the rest of the dishes just drinking his smoothie, watching and occasionally talking to me.  It was the sweetest thing.  Yet again.  Even though it's literally taking me months to get through this book {basically a chapter a month}, it's had the biggest impact on me.  Getting me to stop and see the gifts.  To not complain, because that's just saying that God isn't enough.  Opening my eyes and my heart to accept what is and finding joy in that.  Motherhood can be a bit mundane at times, I'll be the first to admit, but there's nothing I'd rather be doing and I'm just so thankful this book is helping me to see things as the gifts they are instead of wallowing in my frustrations and self-pity.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg on this book.  If you haven't read it, I highly suggest it.  And I think I've cried every time I've picked it up.  Just, you know, in case you're prone to tears... ;)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing Jules! Love that, finding the things to be thankful for even when it feels the opposite! I will have to add this book to my list. I appreciate your openness and willingness to share! Stef Phelps

  2. I`m first time in your blog and I must to tell you that is AWESOME!!


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