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Well helllllooooo!  It's only been a few months since my last post and so much has changed yet nothing at all, if that makes sense.  Biggest news -  Baby Cottrell #2 is half way done baking {or maybe more if it wants to come a little early like it's older brother}.  Cannot believe that 21 weeks have already flown by!  So let's talk dressing the bump {especially since it's much bigger this time around}.  Since it's been, like, two years since I've had to do this, I was so excited when PinkBlush Maternity offered to send me a cute maternity dress to review.  Not only are their maternity clothes so good that I had a hard time deciding, it's crazy comfy and affordable.  *Sidetone* why are so many cute pregnancy clothes crazy pricey!?  It's like they're taking advantage of us in our vulnerable state of feeling like beached whales, knowing that we'll pay more than we should for daily gear to get us through 40 weeks.  PinkBlush was such a pleasant surprise in that regard - especially the clearance.  Deals and steals!  Plus, so much of their stuff can be worn post/pre-bump.  Making it perfect for literally every lady in every stage of life.  I may or may not be doing a giveaway worth $75 in PinkBlush credit on my Instagram today... *MIGHT* want to check it out. ;)  Plus I just scoped some super cute looking active wear I'm dying to get on my body.  But really, I wear this 'cold shoulder, dress probably twice a week.

 Dress PinkBlushMaternity, Shoes Adidas via Urban Outfitters, Headband F21, Sunnies Free People
CK: Shirt Old Navy, Shorts Old Navy, Socks Nike, Shoes Vans

While we're at talking about dressing the bump, it's nuts how much my style has changed.  All that fancy J.Crew stuff I once wore- long gone in terror of stains.  Boys, man, dirt EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.  So I'm usually opting for sneaks, something to cover my dry shampooed hair {especially during pregnancy}, and loose comfy things - specially dresses - in dark colors.  Another must is always sunnies, especially here in sunny San Diego, but also really helps to hide tired eyes.  My biggest surprise find this summer was Free People sunglasses.  They have a huge amazing selection that won't kill your budget - much to my delight.  This pair is even polarize which again, #southwestproblems.  But that bump...  I seriously cannot get over how much bigger it is this time around.  The size of this 21 weeks bump is like 7 month Clement bump.  When I say beached whale... that's exactly how I feel 99% of the time.  Only four more months to go ha.
This time around though, I literally forget I'm pregnant half the time - chasing Clement keeps me so busy.  I remember about the time I just want nothing more than to sit down and/or take a nap.  Or, as of late, the little one starts kicking - and let me tell you, this one is a kicker.  Nonstop.  And hard.  I was really hoping for a mellow baby...  Thankfully, Clement has really chilled out as he's gotten older.  Don't get me wrong, he can throw a fit with the best of them, but in general, he's very mild tempered and usually super sweet.  Which means I'm destined to have a crazy baby, right?  We had our 20 week appointment last week and it took every ounce of self-restraint to not find out who exactly is in there kicking me like it wants out STAT.  Kellen and I both have a strong feeling it's a girl, heaven help our bank account due to my shopping habits if that's the case, but we shall see.  I'm sure Kellen thinks I'm making him wait to find out just to drive him bonkers, but there was just something so beautiful about waiting.  About Kellen being the one to tell me who just came out of my belly and entered our lives.  I'm really excited for that moment.  So until then... 19 more weeks to go and keep the pizza coming.
Oh.  Clement has been really getting into dressing himself recently and wants to wear 'church clothes' {aka button up shirts} all the time- he also asks to go to church and "see Jesus" almost every day {MELTS ME}... but if you're offended by his black socks with navy shorts - not my fault.  ;)

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