Baby Ready-ish

As soon as I received this super cute maternity dress from PinkBlush in the mail, I knew exactly where I wanted to take pictures with it.  And it's a good thing this dress is the comfiest {and softest} dress I've put on - thanks to Clement we ended up taking a bit of a hike through the woods until we stumbled upon train tracks with a great view of the city.  Again, shout out to PinkBlush for making the best maternity dresses.  I'm pretty excited to wear it post baby too - it's going to be the ever-so-perfect baggy/slouchy/comfy postpartum outfit {and IT HAS POCKETS}.  But let's also talk about this scenery.  Our house is a mile from downtown and one day on my run I decided to explore the hood on my way and stumbled on this little gem.  There's a single track trail that continues to downtown, but it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere.  It's crazy.  And amazing {but also kind of creepy - since becoming a mom I've been a little more wary of super secluded trails - I'd rather not be abducted and leave my child motherless.  Crazy mom thoughts, I know, ugh}.  With fall in full swing here in Austin {finally}, it's the perfect photoshoot spot.
 Dress PinkBlush, Shoes Old Navy, Glasses Cynthia Rowley, Earrings Kate Spade

Somehow I'm already at 32 weeks.  At church we saw a newborn and a sleep-deprived looking mother and I whispered to Kell, "that's about to be us".  Then we had the exciting yet mildly terrifying thought that if this babe comes at 37 weeks like Clement, we only have 5 more weeks left.  NUTS.  This pregnancy really has just flown by - and I feel like I have so much to do to get ready for this babe.  To the point it keeps me up at night making lists in my head when really, all I want to do is sleep, yet somehow I can't turn my brain off.  But I also know that if it came tomorrow we'd be totally fine seeing as how when Clement came his room wasn't even set up ha.  I do think it will be very different with this baby - I think I'm actually more excited.  With Clement I was so uncertain of what labor and delivery looked {and felt} like, nervous about what our lives would look like and then the new parent struggle of "what do I do with this thing that won't stop screaming".  I just feel more prepared and equipped to handle it this time around.  Although I'm sure having a crazy toddler running around will make it all the more interesting.  I'm already mourning the days of just sitting around with my newborn - holding it while it sleeps watching Netflix galore - because I know I'll be trying to wrangle Clement and not always getting that one-on-one time.  But I know we'll figure it out and it will end up being great - hazy - but great.  So until then, we're just going to making the most out of our little family of three and exploring this new city before we're too sleep-deprived and exhausted to appreciate it for a few month ha.

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