Once again I was persuaded out of a blogging hiatius with free clothes, thank you PinkBlush!!  But I mean really, these adorable maternity leggings had me all the heart eyes - I will do anything for them.  PinkBlush just has the best selection of cute maternity clothes and I'm way past the point where I'm over trying to make pre-pregnancy clothes work - especially pants.  When I spotted these leggings I got super excited.  We tend to live a more outdoorsy, active lifestyle and having a pair of leggings that didn't cut into my baby belly sounded like heaven.  They were perfect for a mini hike we did over the weekend.  I can't say that I'll be running in them anytime soon though - I'm a very smelly sweater and I tend to not work out in anything I actually like ha.  But who knows, it has already been way chillier here in Austin than it was in San Diego, so desperate times might call for desperate measures - sacrificing cute pants for a work out in hopes that they don't become perm-stank.
And lets talk about Clement's face in this second picture.  Kills me.  His personality is just really shining through these days - such a hoot. Also, he insists on dressing himself - and Kellen - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  It's a daily fight I've given up so if things don't match - not my fault ;)

Leggings PinkBlush, Sweater Old Navy, Flannel Forever21, Shoes Nike, Sunnies Free People

I feel like there's something about big changes or life transitions that always drives me back to blogging.  Like it's my outlet or processing place {plus I have much more free time sans friends ha}.  So, you've been warned.  If there's one thing this move has taught me is that I'm stronger than I ever thought and the source of my strength truly is in the Lord.  My third trimester hit right about the time we started going gun-ho on packing.  Just bending over to fill boxes and even worse, bending over to unpack them - I could complain for days over how the past month has been one of the most exhausting months of my life, only trumped by giving birth to Clement.  We were displaced for a few weeks - staying with a friend in San Diego and then at my sisters' while we looked for a house.  While I'm beyond grateful to my friend and sister - it was awful being in the same room as Clement {that's never worked well for us - no one sleeps} especially since he loves playing this game called, "lets see how many time I can jump out of the pack n play in the next two hours while mom absolutely loses her mind".  It was like back in the newborn days where I dreaded nights and nap time just because it would take hours to get him to go to sleep.  Kellen was with us a *maybe* a week out of the entire month - our first week in Austin, in our new house, he was in California for training and I didn't know a soul while prego single parenting.  To say that week was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions would be an understatement.  Even with him finally home and living a normal day to day life, I still find myself slipping into the blues.  Pregnancy hormones I sure have a bit to do with it too, but man, fighting off those pity parties of "I have no friends/community", "I need a break from my kid", "I'm so tired", "I miss the beach and my people" is ROUGH.  And I don't always win that battle - then it gets ugly and turns into a massive meltdown cry-fest.  But looking back, I cannot help but say to myself, "Damn girl, you did it. You moved halfway across the country with a toddler in your third trimester basically by yourself."  And I thought life was hard before kids... HA.  But really.  And in those moments of sleep deprived meltdowns by me and my child all I could do was cry out to God for help.  For strength.  For grace.  For patience - with me and for me with Clement.  Every time, without fail, He provided.  Sometimes even with super long naps or gigglefests amidst tears with my crazy, lovable toddler.  Or He would provide people to give me a boost.  The day we moved into our new place in Austin, I took a pitstop at IKEA while Kellen unloaded the truck.  Naturally, that IKEA trip ended in the worst meltdown of Clement's life.  I'm talking red faced, snot pouring down his face, screaming for an hour type of meltdown {over a soccer ball pillow I wouldn't buy him - in retrospect I picked the wrong battle to win ha}.  I was that mom in line with her kid fighting the cart strap for his life screaming baby profanities at me - and that line was not moving fast. At all.  People stared.  I stared back in defiance like, whatever, you do something about this, I'm too tired.  When we finally made it outside and I had him strapped into his carseat, I went around to unload my purchases into the car and was struggling to keep the cart in tow while hoisting chairs into the back and the sweetest lady walked up, held my cart and said, "Women can do a lot, but sometimes a little help goes a long way".  Instant meltdown.  I had tears pouring down my face as I thanked her.  I literally wanted to hug her.  Sweet angel lady.  Little things like that that keep me grounded in the fact that God is God over all this craziness.  That He has a plan and this is it and it is good.  It might be hard, but gosh darn it, it's good.  Simply in the fact that every time I start the dishwasher or walk down the hall to do my laundry {instead of across the street or washing each dish by hand}, I thank Him.  Hey, there's nothing San Diego taught us than to be ridiculously thankful for life's little luxuries, ha.  Or the fact that Kellen had a Phoenix friend send an Austin friend and her husband over to our house for dinner last night and it was probably the best connection we've made in AGES.  NEW FRIENDS!  I love seeing how God provides in all the little ways that I've been complaining about.  So all that to say, here we are, finally settling into our new lives in Austin.  We did it.  It may not have been very pretty, but we did it.  Praise the Lord it's over and that this time next week we'll be back in California with an amazing mother in law babysitter and friends while Kellen goes through his last week of training.  Just get me to the beach ASAP please and thank you.

Completely off topic BUT, has anyone else really been struggling to keep it under control this Black 'Friday' season??  Sheesh.  So many good deals and steals.  Going nuts over all things baby over at Cotton On, Copper Pearl and Solly Baby.  And maybe a few maternity wear splurges.  Full on nesting mode over here.  If you hear of a deal on a double BOB, puh-lease let me know!  At least this baby's arrival goes perfectly with sale season.  All the praise hands.


  1. Awww What a cutie!!!


  2. sean asks me sometimes why did you just let out a huge breathe, uhh because dude having a bowling ball in front and having to bend over frequently isn't the easiest task...


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